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For her singles "Faded Love" and "Remedy", Leony was awarded gold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland respectively. The single "Far Away From Home" (with Sam Feldt and VIZE) also achieved gold status in Germany and "Paradise" (with VIZE & Joker Bra) was recently certified platinum in Germany, triple platinum in Austria and gold in Switzerland.

But Leony not only celebrates great success with her own singles but also shines as a songwriter for other artists. For example, she was involved as a songwriter in the megahit "Never Let Me Down" by VIZE & Tom Gregory. The song received all gold and platinum awards in Germany, Canada, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, she co-wrote the VIZE & Tokio Hotel single "White Lies", which has also already been awarded gold.

Leony said:
"It's the most beautiful thing to be allowed to make music every day with your best friends and it's the biggest privilege for me to be able to do what I love the most every day".

The year 2023 begins for Leony with the release of her new single. The 25-year-old singer & songwriter has put many personal stories into her songs, but her latest single, "Somewhere In Between," is definitely the most honest yet:
"From a young age, people have tried to pigeonhole me. Either I was too 'much' for the people from my home country or too, 'little' or the Bavarian sweet girl for everyone else. They said 'You need a recognition value' and I let myself get totally distracted by that and lost myself a little bit in the search for who I should be. ''Somewhere In Between'' is about exactly that. That I am both Leony, the self-confident woman on stage, on TV and on the radio and Leonie, the songwriter and the lovely, sensitive girl from Bavaria. I'm somewhere in between and quite a few things at the same time and that's what makes me me."

Leony has found herself and doesn't need pink hair or PR-staged scandals. That's exactly what she sings about in "Somewhere In Between." The single is also the herald for the debut album of the same name, which will be released on March 24.

In addition, her first headlining tour in Germany starts in May, which Leony is particularly looking forward to. She toured the last summer for the first time throughout Europe: "I was allowed to play for the first time in my life the whole summer on great stages and noticed how much it fulfills me!"

So we can expect a lot more from power woman Leony in 2023!

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