PHOTO: © Marvin Ruppert

Nektarios Vlachopoulos: Das Problem sind die Leute

In the organizer's words:

Nektarios Vlachopoulos is probably the best person in the world, because he likes honesty, peace and that everyone likes him. The incredible power of self-irony allows him to effortlessly resign himself to all obstacles and makes him immune to reason and maturity. This virtually invincible superhero knows only one weakness: his panic fear of conflict. He is also emotionally fragile, has a multitude of allergies, and regularly fails to meet the basic demands of his own life.

In return, he can do language! I swear he can best language! Nektarios has mastered the entire keyboard of silliness from Ringelnatz to Pimmelwitz, uses the prefix "bums-" to enhance adjectives and, last but not least, surprises himself time and again with finely honed rhetoric and bumsmart thoughts. A real gangster who has never been in a fight.

In a perfect world, all people would be like Nektarios, only Nektarios would have a little more money than the others. But unfortunately, most people these days are more like that. And that's where the problem lies!

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