Autumn is here and with it the chance to spend a lot of time in the fresh air before the cold months set in. We have put together various excursion destinations for you that offer picturesque views to photograph, invite you to pause for a moment and challenge your stamina a little. After an exhausting day, you should of course not miss out on some good refreshments - whether you want to cook yourself or go out to eat, the second part of the article provides you with a few good addresses. Incidentally, many products that will make your autumn excursions even more enjoyable are also available at MediaMarkt. With this in mind: Here's to many beautiful days!

7 beautiful fall hikes

When the leaves on the trees turn from green to the most beautiful autumn colors, it is particularly tempting to head for the mountains. We have picked out six hikes around Munich for you that are still doable on beautiful fall days. But remember: wrap up warm and take a change of clothes, as it can be a little colder at the summit.

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Would you like to record your best moments from your excursions with a good and easily transportable camera? Or is it important to you to know at the end of the day how many steps and meters of altitude you have covered? Whether you're looking for a fitness tracker, action cam or first-class in-ear headphones that deliver the best sound when you're out and about - take a look at MediaMarkt. Here you can get the best equipment for all your outings, including a generous discount.

Hike on the Staffelsee

Do you want to cover kilometers, enjoy mountain and lake views for a change, without having to cover any meters in altitude? We recommend a circular hike around the Staffelsee in the picturesque "blue country". And you'll see - even here you'll get a good number of steps and look good in your souvenir photos without breaking a sweat.

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Cycle tour: In the footsteps of Monaco Franze

Get on your bike, the somewhat different bike tour is waiting for you. Follow in the footsteps of Munich's most famous character: Monaco Franze. We'll take you to the places that were used as filming locations in the series. The tour starts in the heart of Schwabing, in Agnesstraße, and ends where he still sits today: at Münchner Freiheit.

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Running tips for beginners & returning runners

In times of working from home, many of us have been able to motivate ourselves to run again. But getting started is not that easy - you have to build up your fitness and prevent annoying side stitches by breathing properly. We have a few tips for you on how to do this and some great running routes in Munich.

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Excursion tip: The forest gorge near Bad Kohlgrub

At this excursion destination, you'll get your money's worth in both sporting and culinary terms. In the middle of the forest and only accessible on foot is the Waldschlucht, an old restaurant near Bad Kohlgrub, which Daniel and Julian Hahn are bringing back to life. The building itself is still under construction, but you can already visit the building site kiosk.

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Indian food in Munich

What tastes best after a long day out? We'll throw warming Indian food into the mix. Because Indian cuisine is incredibly rich in variations - whether rice or flatbread, vegetarian or with chicken and then there are the many dips and spiciness levels. We reveal our favorite restaurants and give you inspiration if you want to eat something other than butter chicken or vegetable curry with naan during your visit.

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Food blogs from Munich

Don't feel like going to a restaurant? And cooking is one of the best forms of relaxation for you? If you're looking for inspiration away from your cookbooks, here are six food blogs from Munich that could help. No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen - there are recipes here for every level of difficulty.

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