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"I don't like the term 'power'." Dragons, that's what women in leadership positions in the international financial industry call themselves. What seemed unthinkable just a few decades ago has now become the reality for a few. For on their way to the centers of power, women have to assert themselves not only against the alliances of their male colleagues and outdated social structures, but also against their own self-doubt. The film accompanies women in Europe and Asia in their everyday working lives, at home and in their free time, and shows what has brought them to where they are now. An intimate look into the backrooms of power - from a female perspective.


Belgium, Korea, Switzerland 2021 - Director: Frédérique de Montblanc - Original language: english, french, korean - Subtitles: english, Ohne, Production: Savage Film, Distributor: Rise and Shine, Length: 80 min.

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  • The film is available throughout Germany.
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  • From the first start of the film it is available for 48 hours. With "the first start" is meant the click on "PLAY".
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5,00 €


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