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Philosopher Sebastian Horn and astronaut Gerd Baumann meet in a barn deep in the forest and do their trade with transience. Dreiviertelblut, those are two congenial musicians, who sensually weave their urbayerisches Lebensgefühl with the universal whole. "Mia san ned nur mia" - this song line sums up their musical and human self-image. The band Dreiviertelblut has nothing to do with folklore and marquee music. It is the philosophical, but also humorous lyrics about being and passing away, the masterfully composed melodies, which make the listeners.inside revel and not sway. Marcus H. Rosenmüller and Johannes Kaltenhauser succeed in creating a black and white shimmering, humorous film poem - with a lot of good music. (Daniel Sponsel)

Germany 2020 - Director: Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Co-director: Johannes Kaltenhauser - Cinematographer: Johannes Kaltenhauser - Sound: Michael Vetter - Editing: Peter König - Music: Dreiviertelblut - Production: Südkino Filmproduktion Gmbh / Lieblingsfilm GmbH - Producer: Johannes Kaltenhauser, Patrick Lange - Distribution: Südkino Filmproduktion Gmbh - Original language: german - Subtitles: none - Length: 86 min.

Since November you can find a new film every month on our online platform for artistic feature-length documentaries. The first films were JONAS DEICHMANN - DAS LIMIT BIN NUR ICH and GIRL GANG. Since January 01, DREIVIERTELBLUT. WELTRAUMTOURISTEN is available for a 5.00 Euro fee.

  • The film is available throughout Germany.
  • From the first start of the film it is available for 48 hours. With "the first start" is meant the click on "PLAY".
  • If you have any questions regarding ticket purchase, our helpdesk or technical implementation, please feel free to consult our FAQs.
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5,00 €


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