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Extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann on his new challenge: a triathlon around the world, from Munich to Munich, the 120 Ironman distance - and the chance to set a new world record. Swimming with jellyfish through the Adriatic Sea, cycling through Siberia in sub-zero temperatures, running in the heat of Mexico. Whether travel restrictions or expiring visas - Deichmann has to change his plans every day. There is never any doubt that he will reach his destination. But how? He also causes a stir in the media: The Mexican press calls him the "German Forrest Gump." Dozens follow him on his daily route of his marathon across the continent. His wife, the bicycle, waits patiently at the next stage. What else awaits the adventurer? Love, perhaps? (Daniela Graf)

Germany 2022 - Director: Markus Weinberg, Steffi Rostoski - Writer: Markus Weinberg - Cinematographer: Markus Weinberg, Uwe Nadler, Daniel Rintz, Roberto Lira, Andrey Bavchenkov, Armin Riedel - Edward Sikorski - Editor: Javier Sobremazas - Music: Dan Riley - Production: ravir film GbR - Produzent.innen: Uwe Nadler, Dorit Jeßner - Sales and distribution: Rise And Shine World Sales UG - Original language: german, english, spanish - Subtitles: german - Length: 105 Min.

Since November 2022, you can find a new film every month on the DOK.fest Munich online platform for artistic feature-length documentaries. The beginning was made by JONAS DEICHMANN - DAS LIMIT BIN NUR ICH, which celebrated its world premiere at DOK.fest Munich in May 2022. Since December 01, GIRL GANG, which celebrated its German premiere at DOK.fest Munich in May 2022 and was awarded the kinokino Audience Award, is also available for a 5.00 Euro fee.

  • The film is available throughout Germany.
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