Lebensräume von INTERFEMME e.V.

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In the organizer's words:

In a time characterized by fast-paced life and high expectations, InterFemme e.V. invites you to gain deeper insights into the experiences of five FLINTA people and explore the essence of human identity with the audio installation "Lebensräume" at the Allerweltshaus (Geisselstraße 3-5, 50823 Cologne). At the heart of the installation is the question of how our families influence our individual lives. The family is a universal living space that creates deep bonds and belonging, but can also harbor potential conflict and hurt. It is shaped by social expectations and norms and plays a crucial role in how society perceives the individual within it. Although often seen as a private sphere, the family is a political issue that holds social norms and raises important questions. This audio installation invites you to engage with these questions and explore the complex issue of human identity in the context of the family.


  • You will need: your own headphones and a smartphone
  • Max. 5 people per slot
  • Please book a time slot in advance

Please bring your own headphones and smartphone for the audio installation "Lebensräume". A maximum of 5 people per slot can enter the exhibition. You are welcome to come in a group of up to 5 people. Remember to book a slot for half an hour in advance via rausgegangen so that everything runs smoothly.

Trigger warning:

This audio installation touches on themes of escape, trauma and conflict. The content may trigger emotional reactions or distress. If you are concerned that this content may be too distressing for you or you need support, consider listening to the installation with someone you trust. Your mental and emotional health is important to us.

A project by INTERFEMME e.V.

Director and concept Ana Valeria Gonzalez

Stage design Anja Baydak

Diversity guide and dramaturgy Mariana Bartolo

Project management and project coordination Carina Gottschalk and Elena Lohmann

Production assistance Charlotte Heskamp and Dimitri Lermann

Graphics Galina Kruzhilina

Speakers Angelica Summer, Lucélia Da Silva Junker, iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo, Yulia Yáñez Schmidt, Robin Möckel

Sponsors City of Cologne, NRW State Office for the Independent Performing Arts

Cooperation partners Allerweltshaus

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